Muhurat (The Best Day) For Vidhi of Narayan Nag Bali

If a "Narayan Nagbali vidhi" is performed at the best suitable day for that vidhi which is available through the table of ephemeris, then the desired results of vidhi will the available very soon.


This Narayan-Nagbali vidhi is not performed in "Shukrd' i.e. plane Venus is having "Asta" or in the month of "Pousha" and "Magha". But "Nirnay Sindhu" has given a separate opinion. As per "Nirnay-sindhu", if we only avoid certain asterism then at any day this Narayan-Nagbali vidhi can be performed. For this vidhi" Dhanishtha Panchak and " Tripad" asterism is to be avoided i.e. vidhi can not be started at above said asterism's day, the last two parts of "Dhanishtha", "Shat-Tarakd and "poorva- Badrapada", " Uttar- Bhadrapadd and "Revati" Asterism are called as "Dhanishtha Panchak'. Krittika, Punarvasu, Uffara, Vishakha, Uffarashadha and poorva-Bhadrapada, these six asterisms are called as " Tripad. If Narayan-Nagbali vidhi is to be performed for getting issue then best day for it is of " Shravan" asterism. The "Panchami" and "Ekadashi" are also better days. Also Hasta, Pooshya, Ashlesha, Mrigshirsha, Ardra, Swami and Mula asterism day is good. Also Sunday, Monday and Thursday are better days to start vidhi.


If some one is only willing to perform "Nagbali" then he should start at "Ashlesha" asterism's Navami Panchami, pournima or amavasya.

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