As a form of Shiva, Gangadwar

Brahmagiri is 4248 ft. above from the sea level. Brahmagiri is 1800 ft.higher from the city of Trimbakeshwar.This brahmagiri comprises 5 peaks - Saghojat, Vamdev, Ishan, Hapre. Shri Lalchand Nashidanand Bhangadi and Shri Seth and Shri Seth Ganeshdas, Devi Das Gajjar the two Punjabi brothers had spent Rs. 2 lakhs in 1908 A.D. and built 500 stair steps and the stay house/alms-house for the comfort of the visitors. The present Brihmagiri Pathar was called the Giri Durg in the age of the Yadavas. This Giri Durg of the Yadavas had been under the rule of Nijam in 1750 A.D. Later on this Durg was occupied by Shahajahan. In the time of the Peshawas, the condition of this fort was very good. Right on this Brahmagiri Mountain two rivers named Ahilya and Vaitarana had originated.