Curse Indicative Dream

If a man or woman sees the following scenes in his or her dream, it indicates the curse of somebody either in last birth or current birth.


Following are the examples of such type of indicative dreams.

  • To see cobra in dream or to see killing a cobra in dream or to see a cobra dead in pieces.
  • To see water in tank or river or sea.
  • To see ourselves sinking in water or trying to come out of the water.
  • To see quarrel in the dream.
  • To see building getting smashed.
  • To see a widow or any decease relative.
  • To see a woman, whose children’s are not living long, taking with her dead child and she feels that the child is alive or somebody pulling her child from her etc.


In order to get rid of above type of dreams the formality of Naraya Nagbali is recommended. The procedure of Narayan Nagbali explained in the famous religious book known as "Dharmasindhu" "Dharmanirnay".
Trimbakeshwar Guruji to perform Puja's of Narayan Nagbali, Kalsarpa yog and other. Ask any question or help from Guruji. Guruji will respond to your query.