Gangaji's (Godavari River) arrival on to the Earth

Once Parvatiji felt jealous internally on Gangaji talk with the Lord Aadinath Shankarji in alone. She realised Gangaji as a big hurdle in her life. She started thinking to remove this hurdle from the way Ganeshji (Parvati's son) asked Parvatiji the reason of dipression. On this, Parvatiji told him every thing and expressed her plan. Ganpati, on this said—"Mother, you need not worry. When the father (Shivaji) will be in the sleep, I would cut down all his matted hairs.Thus, the mother Ganga will by herself, come out of his matted hairs and your Problem will be solved. Having listened the talks of Ganeshji, Parvatiji said—"Ganesh, if you so commit then the Lord Shankar would be angry and can promounce the Mahamrityunjay Mantra that can destroy all the Lokas (the all worlds). Having listende to the Mother, Ganeshji smiled and said—"Mother, I snail use such a tricky try that would be beneficial for the entire universe and the father, by himself, will leave Gangaji. You need not worry.


Shri Ganesh ordered to varundev not to fall rain for many years. Thus for many years it did not rain and all the sages, unhappy with all this, came into the Aashram of the sage Gautam and started living there. Ganeshji also in the form of an old sage came into the Ashram and started living there.


In this condition, the sage Gautam.every day, with the help of his power of Mantra's sowed grains. Till noon he would get to prepare food for all the sages and monks staying in his Ashram.This serial went on incessantly for many years.

One year on the order of Ganeshji the clouds overcast and rained, the Earth became greeny and beautiful. This all the sages pledged to go back to their respective Ashrams. The sage Gautam refused their pledge. Ganeshji called upon Jaya and Skindh and said—"Jaya, you assume the form of an old cow and roam with the sage Gautama. Where so ever they (sage Gautam) go or walk, you spail and waste all crops. If because of being followed by you the sage Gautam beats you a little, you should pretend to be died. All the sages will consider as if sage Gautam has committed a sin of killing a cow.


According to the instructions Jaya assumed the form of a cow and started spailing crops. To prevent the cow from doing so the sage Gautam attacked on the cow with Durbvhankush (a type of grass).The cow pretended to be died and the sage Gautam came to be considered a sinner of killing a cow.


this situation the sage Gautam, along with all the sages and monks approached to Ganpati who was in the form of an old sage. They all asked to Ganpatiji for a trick to the solution to get liberation from the sin of killing of a cow. Then the Mentor of the Vedas, Ganpatiji started thinking deeply as in that age the sin of killing a cow would ot happen to be done by any one. Ganeshji asked to the sage. Gautam—"I'll give ou a solution ot this sin, although this solution is very tough and painful, you will have to give the permission to all the sages to go back to their respective Ashramas. And you yourself start doing ascetic practice to shivaji and ask for. Ganga and take a bath in that in a ritual way and thus you would be free from this sin.


Thus, the sage Gautam started doing deep ascetic practices. To please Shankarji he did many types of austere ascetic favours like Parnabhakshan, Jal Prashan, Vayu Sevan Tap and ultimatelystarted doing the ascetic practices without eating anything on brahmagiri mountain. In between all this, Gangaji who was afraid of partition from ? Shivaji, did much efforts to break the ascetic practices of the Sage Gautam but she could not succeed.Then, Gangaji asked to her maid Jalila—"You go and assume the form of the sage Gautam's wife and try to break his practices". But the sage Gautam, by the power of his austere ascetic favours, came to know about all this and gave to her (Jalila) the curse to become the river Shushk. On this, Jalila, coming into her original form, asked for the solution to get liberation from this curse. Then the sage Gautama said to Jatila—"When Shankarji will be pleased and appeared and will be giving Gangaji to me, then that time you should merge into Ganga and thus you will be free from the curse."


Later Jatila, being the river Ahilya, appeared on the brahmagiri mountain and became sacred and pure by merging herself into Gangaji and Godawari. This is the place famous as the confluence point of Ganga, Godawari and Ahilya.

The God of the Gods Shankar was pleased by the austere ascetic practices of the sage Gautam. When Shankar appeared the sage Gautam marrated him the whole story of falling in sin from beginning till end. To get the liberation from such the grave sin like this one he pledged before Shankar— "O God, please bless me by granting the sin killer Ganga."Then Shivaji ordered to Gangaji to come out of his matted hair—"O Ganga you please go with my devotee the sage Gautam." In reply Gangaji said to Shivaji—"You are for the devotee and the devotee is for you. But how could you deonate your wife to a devotee?" Shankarji said—To obey the order of the husband is the religion of a pure wife dedicated to the husband. Even onthis much Gangaji refused to obey Shankarji.Then, Shankarji started doing the Tandav Nritya (the Lord Shiva's dance) and kneed onto the Earth and at once jerked his matted hair onto the brahmagiri mountains and granted Gangaji to the sage Gautam very much adored and praised and worshipped to Shivaji and Gangaji.


In the Month of January is the first for night On Monday at 12 noon Gangaji arrived onto the Earth. The two lacks years of the krit age had already passed, the end of the Month was the Shak. God Vishnu had taken the incarnation of Kurma. The Jupiter was in the odiac Leo. This was the time when Godawari had arrived on the Brihmagir Mountains. The place where Shivaji had jerked his matted hair and released Gangaji from his matted hair for the walefare of the universe is called the brahmagiri Mountains. The signs of the God Shankar's elbow, knee and legs can be seen on these mountains. Now a Posh and big temple of the God Shankarji has been built there.