Ganga ji's (Godavari River) arrival in the Audumbar tree

Gangaji had disappeared at the same moment when the sage Gautam adored her. He adored and praised Gangaji very much. Pleased by all this Gangaji appeared in the Audumbar tree near by Simultaniously Gangaji had appeared in the middle part of the Brahmagiri Mountains. This sacred place is well known as 'Ganga Dwar' (the door to Ganga).


When a demon named Kaulasur looked the sacred water of Ganga flowing in the Ganga Dwar Mountain, he started efforting collect the whole water in his mouth. Looking all this, the sage Gautam requested to Parvatiji to assassinate Kaulasur. Parvatiji assassisnated Kaulasur who was the devotee of Shivaji. When Parvatiji saw Kaulasur recite "Aum Namah Shivay", she asked him his last words. Kaulasur, the devotee of Shivaji, said to the Goddess Parvatiji—"O Mother, I am fortunate that I have recieved my death by your holy hands. Now, this is my longing that you should assume my name and stay here." Thus, according to Kaulasur's longing, Parvatiji lateron named after Kaulambika, established on the Ganga Dwar mountain. When Gangaji and Gaudawariji started moving towards the west-south direction from the Brihmagiri mountains, the sage Gautam became very angry. He thought over something and then came onto an appropriate place and by reciting some Mantras, stopped Gangaji's flow with the Kush (a kind of grass). The point where the sage Gautam had completely stopped Ganga's flow, was later on nominated as Kushavart and called the Pilgrimage of Kushavart. On the liberation from the sin of killing of a cow by taking bath in Ganga before all the sages.


Gangaji came out of the matted hairs of the God of the Gods the Lord Shankar and arrived to the Pilgrimage place of Kushavart. Again for the walefare of the Indian sub continent, Gangaji assumed the form of the river Mahanadi and flowing the long way of 900 miles, merged into the sea. The places whichever Gangaji flowed on, became greeny and more beautiful. Gangaji with herself took the river Purna who rested in the mountain sight in Darana, Pravara, the caves of Alora and Ajanta and then took with herself the river Pranhit from Sironcha. Later on, Gangaji again changed her way with taking Chandravati and Shavri rivers. After facing to the South, she entered into the state of Tamilnadu from where she merged into the sea.