Introduction of the Holy Place Shri Trimbakeshwar

500 years back from now there was built a city which later on became famous as Trimbakeshwar. In the period of the Peshwas regime Nana Saheb Peshwa had instructed to construct the Trimbakeshwar temple and developed and beautified the city of Trimbakeshwar.


There is a mountain named the Brihmagiri Mountain 18 K.M. from the city of Nasik in the Nasik district. This is one of the parts of the Sahayadri Vallies. The city of Trimbakeshwar is located in the bottom of this mountain. This is a beautiful natural place with the cold weather as it is situated 3000 ft. above from the sea. There are two different routes to get to here. From Nasik to Trimbakeshwar, it is only 18 K.M. This route was built by the help of Shri Kashi Nath Dhate in A.D. 871. One can easily get amode of transport from here every hour.

The other easy route is the Igatpuri - Trimbakeshwar rute. This route is 28 K.M. long. Unlike the Nasik -Trimbateshwar road. Only some particular and pre-planned and certain mode of transport are available over here.


For the visitors coming from the North the Nasik-Trimbakeshwar route is the better one and more comfortable. The Municiple Corporation was established in Trimbakeshwar in 1866 A.D. The corporation is seruing and taking care of the devotees and tourists for 120 years. The corporation has cleansed,beautified and extended the important roads for the comfort of the visitors. The unforgettable establishment of the Phadanvees of the Holkars and the Peshawas are very much ornated and preserved.


According to the Puranik information (information found in the Puranas) about Gotamashram's and Ganga Godawari's arrival on to the earth the golden Khadau (footwears of made of wood) Shri Brihmadev were found while digging the area for the Sacrificial works. An extreme young and pretty woman was appeared sleeping in these golden Khadau Looking at her the God Brihmadev started worrying whether this woman was much more universe created by him. They started thinging that from where a suitable husband to her would be found. At the very moment a voice from heaven heard—"Brihmadev, you must grant this girl to the one who very first revolves this earth three times. around mountains, islands and everything." Having heard this all the rages and monks and Gods all set to go for revolving the entire earth. All of them started struggling in this compelition to get this girl.


In between all this the problem of disturbance and turmoil in the sacrificial act of Shri Brihmadev arose.According to the oath taken by Shri Brihmadev the sage Gautam was passing his way. On his way he met the Kapila cow who was giving birth to a cafl. At that moment the sage Gautam remembered the stanza of the vedas and he, at once three times revolved around the Kapila cow who was giving birth to a calf. He returned back to Brihmadev. He said to brihmadev—"I have completed three rounds around the Earth and I myself reached to you first of all and now according to your promise you should marry this girl to me.


Hearing the words of the sage Gautam, Brihmadev's mind doubted. At the same time while the sage Gautam was explaining before. Brihmadev the voice from heaven was heast that the sage Gautam was telling the truth. He had revolved the Kapila cow who was giving birth to a Calf. On hearing this voice from heaven Brihmadev performed the marry of the girl with the sage Gautam. Later on the girl was mominated as Ahilya. All the other sages and monks who later on came back from their journey around the Earth, were very disappointed on hearing about the marriage of the girl with the sage Gautam. They returned to their ways back.


On the request of Brihmadev, the sage Gautam established his Aashram (the residence of sages and monks) in the Trimbakeshwar Province and started living in that. Because of all the gods and sages called this place the Aashram of Gautam. Living with his wife here the sage Gautam started the ascetic practices.