Evil Effects of Kaal Sarpa Yoga

Some of the learned astrologers like me have come forward to evolve a pattern for assisting the evil effects of this Yoga. This Yoga is not fairly common but can be traced in the Horoscopes of both great and small personalities. The research scholars and practicing Honest Astrologers say that the significance cannot be denied by them.


The myth attached behind Rahu & Ketu is a subject matter of study, experience and explanations. Even the western astrologers have accepted that moon's Nodes are 'KARMIC and play an important role in an individual's life. In 'KARMIC Astrology' it has been found that 'RAHU' is 'KAL' or earth life while KETU is SARPA or serpent. Through this nodal axis, we pay for the 'PAST KARMAS' in this incarnation. In some astrological works, we find Rahu as representing serpent, while in others, those under the influence of Rahu are afraid of snakes. They often dream snakes. Who is snake? Ketu has been symbolized in Indian Astrology as serpent. The symbol of serpents is basic in Indian occult literature. On the basis of this symbolism, the importance of 'KALASARPA YOGA' in Hindu Astrology can be well understood.


When the serpent is having its tail in its mouth, it is an indication of materialization of the Divine principle. Astro logically it becomes an indication of great importance attached to 'KALASARPA YOGA', as this type yoga has the reference to encirclement of all the planets by these two nodes Rahu and Ketu. I.e. when these nodes hem all the planets within their semicircle, the native will indulge in all sorts of materialistic gains rightly or wrongly, thus making him self vulnerable to sufferings. 'Kalasarpayoga' is branded as the main causative factor for downfall.