Kaal Sarpa Yoga Puja at Trimbakeshwar Chapter 2

Past 'Papa karmas' knowingly or unknowingly committed by a native, outputs 'Misfortune'. Misfortune can be divided into four divisions as under:

  • No birth of a child, although native is physically and medically fit for giving birth to a child, due to misfortune only is having no child. This is the first misfortune created due to sins committed, knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Union of quarreling wife whose behavior is unbearable.
  • Not getting the returns of handwork and hankering for money is the third misfortune.
  • Fourth is the misfortune appears in the form of physical and mental weakness and due to frustration on all fronts of life, the native desires to end his own life before regular expiry.


Approaches the Doctors, Vaidya and Hakims, adopts all measures for improving his financial position and when he is not getting the positive results of honest efforts then he turns to astrology. He anxiously shows his Horoscope to astrologer to find out the bad aspects in his Horoscope. He enquires about Sarpa shapa, Bhratrushapa etc. and performs religious remedies.

When no diagnosis for the suffering of a man is available and getting no recovery of health from medicines, we ought to have a faith in KARMAJA VYADHI. In this context 'YOGARATNAKARA' says – Science is science: It makes no difference in science even if anybody refuses to recognize it. For the sake of getting cheap publicity, some modern astrologers are criticizing the 'KALASARPAYOGA'.


While doing this unfair thing they neglect the aspects of 'Rahu' and forget that our ancient Acharyas have given 18 years in Vimshottari Dasha and 12 years in Ashtottari Dasha. It is only because of the important role of Rahu in mankind's horoscope. In spiritual astrology 'Rahu' is assigned the brain, where the thousand petalled Lotus, the abode of Lord Shiva, believed to be located. Such a planet may not be regarded as totally evil but might be considered to have some mundane and spiritual good associated with it and if Rahu and Ketu enclose other planets between themselves, not much evil need be predicated.

It is also possible that even without attaching much importance to 'KALA SARPA YOGA' in a chart, but subjecting it to critical analytical methods, one can easily judge with a degree of accuracy the strength of the Horoscope and easily predict events of some events to come even while taking note of the presence of this evil 'KALA SARPA YOGA'. It is however to be observed that silent effects of KALA SARPA YOGA cannot be altogether eliminated. The yoga, strong or weak, leads some times, to unbearable strains and tensions, delaying success or making success look insignificant in relation to efforts made to achieve it. The KALA SARPA YOGA is also found to be associated with frustrations and losses although efforts are made in pursuit of food are genuine and honest. The KALA SARPA YOGA is perhaps selects the pure and simple, honest and truthful and loyal hardworking souls for its victims. Such individuals suffer indignities of outrageous fortune despite their 'purest Ray', quality and character.


Paradoxically, therefore, this KALA SARPA YOGA appears in charts of blessed souls or those who are able to endure evil and extract good out of it. God spares his weaker creations from this yoga at least it breaks them. Knowing these possible capabilities of this yoga, parents should be wary and take early steps to sufficiently educate and make their kid's mind firm to avoid impact of future frustrations, if any, in store for them during Rahu-Ketu periods.