Goddess Shri Nilambika and the Nil Mountain

The Nil Mountain is located in the North of the city of Shri Trimbakeshwar. This is one of the five important pilgrimage places. Here is situated the natural idol of the Goddess Nilambika. On the mountain sight are the places of Shri Guru Duttatraya, Shri Nil Kantheshwar, Shri Martava Devi etc. Nearby is situated an ancient Akhada (The traditional residence of sages and monks of the Hindu religion). This Akhada is known as Dashnam Panchayati, residence of the naga Digambar sages. Near by the Trimbakeshwar temple are situated the temples constructed by Ahilya Bai Holkar. The temples are namely the Tribhuneshwar temple, Shri Gayatri temple, Shri Parsuram temple, Shri Balaji Narayan temple, Shri Kanchaneshwar temple, Shri Balaji temple, Shri kedareshwar temple, Shri Indreshwar temple, Shri Dakshineshwar temple, Shri vallal Vinayak temple etc., are built by Shri Rodho vallal Peshawa. Also a huge shivaling made of sand is situated here. Shri Gangadhar Pant had done the adoration here with full devotion and faith. Pleased by his adoration Shri Trimbakeshwar had granted him this Shivaling made of sand as the holy stuff. Now, this is the of his ancestors.


Shri Ganga Sagar


Shri Ganga Sagar is a huge Pond in the city of Trimbakeshwar. They receive the drinking water from this pond. The water of the pond is supplied to the villages after filtration. Shri Raja Bahadur, in A.D. 1600, built this pond by Spending 75 thousand rupees.

The Bilva Pilgrimage Place


The Pilgrim Place is considered one of the five too. This place is in the North of the Neel Mountain. Shri Naro Vinayak Gogate, in 1907 A.D. by spending two and a half thousand rupees built this.


The Gautam Pond


The Gautam Pond is in the North of the city of trimbakeshwar. Shri Pundit, a resident of Jhansi, had built this pond by spending five thousand rupees. This Pond is spread over the length of 6000 ft. from East of West. This Pond is 400 ft. long from South to North.

Shri Indra Pilgrimage Place


Shri Nilamba Pilgrimage


In A.D. 1615, Shri Motilal Seth Kapol Vani had done the restoration and reconstruction of this pilgrimage place. This is why this pond is nominated as the Moti Pond.