Patheya Shraddha

After completing above shraddha three pind of wheat flour are prepared a presented to the soul. If he get hungry the way, that's why this shraddha is call as Pathey shraddha. After this all the pinda are worshiped and this whole process presented to God. This total process named as "Sakam Narayan bali Palash Vidhi Yukta". This process is called as "Sakam Narayanbali' in Nirnay Sindhu. By doing this pretshuddhi and by Palash Vidhi peace to the soul can be issued. This also leads get an issue to the couple.


When we complete Narayan bali then Nagbali is to be started. Narayan and Nagbali are separate from each other. But to get an issue these both are performed jointly. "Shaunak Rishi' has stated this, if someone is having only Nag hatya, then only Nagbali is to be performed. The best suitable day is how selected has been already stated. If someone has involved in Nag hatya -in current or previous life then he is cursed and the effect is not getting issue. To get issue Nagbali is essential. This Nagbali is to be performed at Trimbakeshwar only. This has been clearly stated in "Dalabhya Sanhita" Sesame, barley, wheat, rice is used create a Nag. This Nag is installed on red cloth. The couple who is performing the vidhi is to sit in the East direction. After performing the Netra-Aachman as per the direction of Guruji, a commitment to get right for this vidhi is done. The commitment is as below: - "If I am involved in the killing snake in my current 6r past life anyone from a family is involved in the killing of snake then to get rid from the curse and also to get issue & to offer the soul of that snake I am performing Narayan-Nagbli. Also I am requesting god to offer a way to peace to 8 types of snakes."

After commitment request the soul of the snake who has been killed & now had entered in the snake statue & say that I am offering this vidhi, kindly bless me. After that snake is installed. By saying above said holy words, snake is worshiped. Then a heap of rice is kept on leaves of butea fontisa tree and a cotton flame is inflamed. This process is called as "Balidan". Worship that bali and say, "some one from my family has been involved in killing of you, due to that problems has been coming in our life. We are kindly requesting you to forgive us, accept the bali, be satisfied & offer us your blessings for healthy life."
With this pray offer flowers to the snake's statue and after that kept the bali outside the Dharmashala. The lady fro couple should walk up to the door.


Dharmashala with her husband. When crow touch bali then return to Dharmashala and get the hands clean. Request the snake to get peace to his soul and offer him the religious merit of one revolution around Bramhagiri. After that assume snake died and cremate him. After that again return to Dharmashala and offer eight No Of pind to the Snake, Sarpa, Ananta Shesha, Kapi, Kaliya, Shankhapala an Bhudhar. These are eight types of snake: After completing the pind dan, Guruji will ask that would you like the same Narayan Nagbali after some time? This is optional you can say Yes or No. After that salute Guruji and get blessings from him then, collect all the material that has been used in vidhi and also remaining material. This material presented to river Ganga. Keep period of mourning of a day. The couple who is performing the vidhi then goes to Kushavarta and gets bath. After that wear formal clothes and the clothes which are used while performing vidhi will keep for drying. After drying these are offered, to Guruji. This ends the second day vidhi.

THIRD DAY:- At the third day the male should go to the place where snake has been cremated. The ashes of snake are to be collected. A then offered to river Gnaga: The place is cleaned by thaw feces of cow, milk, curd & then go to kushawarta & get bathe. This ends the period of mourning. After that go to Guruji,s home. Now there a golden statue of snake is to be worship & also Lord Ganpati pooja is to be performed. The golden statue of snake i to be offered to Guruji. After that go to lord Trimbakeshwar temple & blessing from him. Then as per your earning offer "Dakshina' (Gift in form of money) 1 Guruji. As per rule 6th or 10th part of our earning should be offered. After this Pitru-karma a dev-karma i.e. Abhishek i must be offered to Lord Trimbakeshwar. This is separate pooja. If someone is financially sound then he should offer "Saubhagya Vayan Oan" by the hands of his wife, may be given at your home place also This completes the whole process is Narayan-Nagbali.

Material given by Guruji for the Vidhi of Narayan Nagbali

All the material required for vidhi will be provided by Guruji.

Material to Bring By Us for the Vidhi of Narayan Nagabali

Golden statue of Snake as per our earning (minimum of lgm), new clothes for both & Dakshina in form of money. This vidhi is of 3 days. So one has to reach Trimbak one day before the start of vidhi. Please inform your Guruji well in advance so that he will be able to collect the material required for vidhi.