Process of Narayan Nagbali Puja

The First Day of Narayana Nag bali Puja: -Before starting " vidhi' one must get in "Tirtharaj Kushawarta". If his father is living in haven that is depa from our world then he should get all hairs of head trimmed i.e. cleaned holy words and got bath in " Tirth. A getting all hairs of head cleaned he will clean his mouth 12 times with the water of " Tirtharaj Kushawarta". To get the body cleaned from in & outside " Deha-Shuddhi is to be performed for this process ash, feces of cow, earth soil is used. The couple who is going to perform this " vidhi' should get "deha-Shuddhi' first & after that they should wear new cloths & should get blessings from older persons, relatives of the family & also blessing from "Guruji". After that get the "kalash i.e. bowl of copper filled with holy water of "Kushawart. Then go to "Lord Trimbakeshward' temple with this "kalash. Also Carry all the instruments which are required for "vidhi", get blessing from lord trimbakeshwara & tell him why you are going to perform this "vidhi", also kindly request lord trimbakeshwar to bless so that the "vidhi" will get fruitful. Get exit from "lord trimbakeshwar" temple from east door. Then go to the place, where " Naravan Nagbali" is performed. The 800 square fits building at the East Side of lord trimbakeshwar temple is called as "Dharmashala". In this building there is a ki cum store room at the north corner room is used to store material for vidhi. Also there is a water tank near it. Coalition point of river "Godavari" river "Ahilya" is called as Sangam.


Trimbakeshwara lives with lord Nan at this Sangam place. Also the "sati-S is there. This place is called as " Smashari" i.e. a big crematorium. Narayan Nagbali vidhi is performed at this u place only. This vidhi is started by doing "Netra- Aachamari". Then the holy ring which is also called as "Pavitra" is to be wear by the male who is performing the vidhi then to get body cleaned from inside a vidhi called "Rudra-Sharaddhd is performed. Guruji speaks Sanskrit holy words in this vidhi, meaning of these Sanskrit words is as below, " If in the current or previous life me or any one from my family has stolen someone's wealth, but to which if that person or any one from his family has become a ghost i.e. has not got a peaceful life after his death and if due to that, I or any one from my family is facing problems then O lord, please offer that soul a way towards peace i.e. "Moksha" or "Sadgati". Also if someone from my family is having “durmaran” i.e. an unnatural death then also please offers him "Sadgati". I am going through his vidhi by keeping this desire.


After completion of the Narayan-Nagbali vidhi is started, statue of lord Brahma, Vishnu, RL Yama, Preface installed on five different kalasha. The installation is performed i holy words. In the sake of the main Go vidhi 16 round balls of rice flour called "Pindd" are presented to Agni i.e. holy 1 This fire is also called as "Homa". A-completion of Agnividhi Homa is complete Then " Vishnu-Shraddha and in sake of above said 5 Gods pind-dan performed. At the time of this process lady from this couple should sit apart Vishnu-Shraddha 10 and in the sake above said 5 Gods 15 pind are present Bach and every pind is to be presented the person who is performing the vidhi This is the rule, but it is to be not a compulsion. Last 5 pind are to be provided to each God. After that a heap of rice is kept on round leaves of butea frondosa tree and then a flame of cotton is inflamed on this rice heap. This process is called as "Bali-dan". This Balidan is performed in view to get Sadgati. The couple performing Narayan-Nagbali should pray this bali and kindly request to God that our all wishes and desires should came true and my family should live in peace and prosperity. Then this bali is kept aside Dharmashala. This bali should get touch by crow is very important. The lady from the couple should go up to the door of Dharmashala with a glass filled of water. If the bali is touched by crow then it is recognize that the soul which is not getting way towards peace is wish to go that position. If the crow does not touches to bali then kindly commit Lord Trimbakeshwar that I will perform 11 or 21 holy revolve around the temple and then salute the bali It has been experienced that the salutation and commitment to God will bring the crow near to bali and he touches it. This completes the Bali-dan process. .'; After that "Puttal Vidhari" or "Parnashar"1 is performed. In this process statue like a body of human being i created by using coconut and wheat flour It has been assumed that the soul which i not getting a way towards peace is living i this statue. The statue is named a Narayana and the last offices of thi statue cum soul is done. This process is also called as "Palash Vidhi' or "Parnashar". The person who is performing the vidhi and his wife both sit against this statue. Both kindly requests to the God to offer peace to this soul. Then the statue is worshiped and a religious merit of one holy revolve of Bramhgiri is offered to the soul and the soul is kindly requested to go in the way of peace. By getting the filling that the soul is gone in the way of peace. 5 pind are presented to the statue of dead body. Then the lady from the couple should salute the statue and stand apart from the place. The male should go to the crematorium with this statue. The legs of statue are pointed towards North then a stone is kept near the statue and this stone is called as "Ashma". Then cremation ceremony of that statue is done and the statue is cremated. Then a person get c earthen broad jar filled with water an performs three anti revolves around the burning statue. The earthen jar is kept on left shoulder and after revolves the earthen jar is broken with the help of Ashma. Then that ashma is carried the Dharmashala. In Dharmasha/a sesame and water is presented to ashma. This process is called as " Tiianjail'. After that a process named as "Avayava Shraddhd* is performed and 10 No. Of pind are presented. Also 8 No. Of pind are presented in the sake of “Visham Shraddha". All these pind are then kept aside. By completing this process we also complete the ten days vidhi like the vidhi pind and other material, which is used, and also the material which is remained in the day’s vidhi is then offered to river Ganga. After that the couple should go to Kushavartha and get bathe. Then go to the living place and change the wet clothes. Keep these clothes for drying and after complete drying these are to be used in next day. After the first day one period of mourning is cherished. SECOND DAY: - In the first of vidhi the place where the cremation of statue is performed is having the ashes of that statue. These ashes are to be collected & presented to river Ganga. The cremation place is cleaned with milk, feces of cow, curd. Then the male should go to Kushavarta & get bath.

After that the period of mourning of first day ends. After getting bathe in Kushawarta again the clothes which has been used 1 the first day are to be wear & go to Lord Trimbakeshwara temple for salutation After that both should go to Dharmash where second day vidhi is to be performed At the start of day" second "Netra- Aachmana" is performed & after that holy ring called "Pavitra" is wear by male This starts 11th day vidhi of someone death. The shraddha, which is performing at 11th day, is called "Agnamahikodista Shraddha". By doing commitment this shraddha, Agni or holy fire is inflamed. The West-North corner is prayed & then dal, rice, vegetables are presented to agni. The all above said items is mixed & then divided in eight different parts and then are presented to Agni. For twelve months of a year sixteen no of shraddha are to be performed. The shraddha is performed by the use of Pinda which are made of wheat flour. The person who is performing vidhi is sit by keeping his face towards south and then Pinda-dan is performed. Starting month, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th & last i.e. 16 pind are presented. This shraddha is performed right for performing "Sapindi'. All these pind are then presented in river Ganga. After that "sapindi shraddha is performed. As the soul who is giving problems is unknown so his manes are named as Brahma, Vishnu & Rudra.. By naming like this, shraddha is performed. A knot a provided by keeping two sticks on leaves of butea frondosa tree. This combination is assumed as Brahmin. The person who is performing the shraddha is sit in front of East. The " Netra-Aachaman’' & wearing of "pavitra" is done. After that commitment for "Sapindi" shraddha is done. Three leaves of butea frondosa tree are kept in front. The leave kept in front of east is for God, the leave kept in front of south is for Preta, second leave of same south is for manes i.e. Brahma, Vishnu & Rudra which are named earlier. These all three leaves are worshiped. Bowl made from leaves of butea frondosa tree kept in front of Preta Water is filled in this bowl. This bowl is called as "Aharyapatra". The water from this bowls is collected in the bowl, which is in front of Preta. This process is called as “Aharya-Sanyojan" Then sit in direction of South-East. Two sticks called "Darbha1 are kept in front of him. Three pind are presented on first stick and a single pina of ellipse shape is presented on 2nd stick. After worshiping the pind by touching the Stick, is said. This ellipse pind is divided in three parts. The 1st part is mixed with the 1st pind of 1st stick and a single pind is created. The same procedure is repeated for next two parts. This process is called as “Pind-Sanyojan" The holy words, which are said while "Pind-Sanyojan", are very pretty & serious. When we complete this shraddha then the soul starts to the way of peace. He gets released from Pretyoni. If any person is having Ghost-byte then speaks very loudly at this moment & by getting the central pind the soul gets peace Kushavarta Tirtha.