Saint Shri nivritti Nath ji

The saint Shri Nivratti Nath ji came in to the holy province of Trimbakeshwar along with his father. He resided in the Trimbakeshwar temple. Once, while revolving the city of Trimbakeshwar he saw a tiger. The people scattered around seeing that tiger. In this stampede Shri Nivrutti Nath ji happened to be parted from his father. Then Shri Nivratti Nath ji approached into the cave of Gahini Nathji. Shri Gahini Nathji delivered him the sermons and discourses. At that time Nivrutti Nathji was of 11 years old. He recieved the initiation of the Nath community. In order to keep this custom and tradition alive and be followed, Shri Nivratti Nathji delivered sermons to his younger brother the saint Gyaneshwar who at that time was only 8 years old. But the residents of Aalandi, Paithan, Pandharpur and Aalandi were very much surprised by the knowledge of the Shastras and crudiction of this 8 years old Child. The saint Gyaneshwar to the ascetic stay in Aaladi itself. In June 12th, 1219 (Samvat) Shri Nivratti Nathji took the ascetic stay in the place named Pramadi Nath in the north of the Ganga Sagar lake. This place was the ascetic place of Shri Nivratti Nathji.


Mistress Vamja Bai shinde built the temple of Shri Nivratti Nathji. Shri Saint Sudarabai restored this temple. Since then the renovation, restoration, extension and beautification of the temple have been done by the help of many devotees. This is why the temple is still standing. On the 11 th of January is organized the fair of Ooti and in the Month of Dec-Jan., the fair of Shri Nivratti Nathji is organized. This fair is celebrated for three days.