Gorakh Nath Caves

Brahmagiri Mountain Trimbakeshwar


In the 11th century Shri Gorakh Nathji, through his ascetic accomplishment, spread the glory and name of his huge personality and ability of mind us the entire India. He became well-known in the entire India. The Gorakh Nath cave, on the Brihmagiri Mountain, is named after this accomplished man Gorakh Nath. The saint Gorakhnathji was the great man of middle age. He brought in the spiritual cultural age in India by the ascetic practices and favors, higher Spiritual knowledge, Yoga and great devotion for the aurus and the God. He himself achieved the accomplishment and for preaching the usage of the accomplishment among the people in General Shri Gorakh Nathji journeyed the entire India. He began the movement for bringing in the awareness among the People. With the effective and skilled personality, he worked hard to kill superstitions, ill feeling and religious imparencessin the society. He arose the awareness about the truth among the people in general. Shri Gorakh Nathji handed over the ascetic property of the Nath, community to the saint Nivratti Nath. He showed many miracles of Yoga to him and granted him (to Nivrutti Nath) the initiation of the Nath community. The saint Shri Nivratti Nath finished his (Shri Gorakh Nath's) remaining works and continued the movement of public wale fare started by the Nath Community.