Trisandya Province

The Shwet king questioned to Nandikeshwar—"How the Trimbakeshwar Province has been nominated as Trisandhya?" At this question Shri nandikeshwar, describing the Trisandhya Province said—"In the beginning the entire universe was immersed in water. The nature and man were in the state of sleep on the bed of the serpent. On awaking they ordered to Brihmadev to remake the entire universe."


Then, the God Vishnu, three times tried to remake the universe but could not succeed. On this, he destroyed the universe for three times. Brihmadev became disappointed on this failure. His mind went peaceless and he was not able to get the peace of mind. Then, for getting the peace of mind Brihmadev went to the holy Province of Trimbakeshwar and indulged fully into the ascetic practices. In the period of his ascetic practice (Tapa) Brihmadev saw three very radiant girls together. Very much affected by their radiance, Brihmadev questioned to them—"Who are three of you?" The girls said—"We are the girls of doings. Being satisfied by your Tapa (ascetic practice) we are here to grant you the liberation."


Then, with the help of those three girls Brihmadev completed the creation of the universe according to what he desired. Right since that time this province has been called the Trimbakeshwar holy province.