Kaal Sarp Yog

Combinations of planets formed specific position in the Horoscopes are called Yogas. YOGAS play an important role and enjoy a prominent position in Hindu Astrology.

In the Birth chart (Horoscope) if all planets are placed at one side between Rahu & Ketu it forms a yoga namely KALA- SARPA YOGA. KALA SARPA YOGA is regarded as one of the dreaded evil Yogas having significance in 'Mundane Astrology. Hindu ancient astrological literature is more or less silent about it. Even the learned commentators did not make any detailed scrutiny as to the effects of this Yoga in 'NATAL ASTROLOGY'. Last ten years after deep study and scrutiny of about 1200 Horoscopes I have found that there is an evil Yoga formed by Rahu & Ketu. In the year 1990 I have written one book in Marathi language namely Tripindi - NARAYAN NAGABALI - KALA - SARPA - YOGA. I have written namely articles and delivered lectures in various Astrological conferences throughout India. Without study in this direction I was criticized by the so called astrologers and Almanac publishers. The criticizers blamed me for my study and tried to harm my name and goodwill in the field of Astrology. But my personal efforts and sale of 20,000 copies of my book compelled the criticizers to keep mum.

People who are unable to see in the day light are called 'DAY BLIND (DIVANDHA)', such persons blame the sun for their blindness. Mere admission or non-admission of a certain thing cannot be challenged the existence of a certain thing. In the practical life we have to consider so many things in good faith. It is quite difficult to prove the exact father of certain child. Even though the medical science is on the top of mountain today.

I have to ask one simple question to learned astrologers. The planets placed on two sides of 'SUN' form some yogas like 'VELI' 'VASI' and "UBHAYACHARI YOGA' . The planets placed on two sides of 'MOON' form 'ANFA' 'SUNFA' 'DURDHARA' and 'KUMUDRAM' yogas. If saturn is placed with moon it forms 'VISHAYOGA'. If Rahu is placed with moon this position forms 'GRAHAN YOGA'. If Rahus is accompanying Jupiter it forms 'CHANDAL YOGA'. No one is denying these yogas. Then how we can dare to deny the bad effects of planets swallowed by Rahu & Ketu?

Learned ancient astrologers like Maharshi Parashar and Varaha Mihir have considered 'SARPAYOGA' in their books. Bhrugu, Kalyan Varma, Badraya Garga, Manitha etc. have admitted the Sarpayoga. Varahamihir has admitted and established 'SARPAYOGA' in his Brihat Jatak Nabha Sanyog, Kalyan Varma has given detailed defination of Kalasarpa Yoga in his valuable book 'SARAWALI' 'Shanti Ratnam has admitted KALASARPA YOGA and prescribed the Kalasarpa Shanti as JATAKA SHANTI. More over many Nandi Granthas have mentioned this Yoga.

Part 1

What Astrologers Say about Kaal Sarpa Dosh

Some of the learned astrologers like me have come forward to evolve a pattern for assisting the evil effects of this Yoga. This Yoga is not fairly common but can be traced in the Horoscopes of both great and small personalities. The research scholars and practicing Honest Astrologers say that the significance cannot be denied by them. Read this at http://trimbakeshwar.in/Kal-sarpa-dosha-1.aspx

Part 2

Misfortune Due to Kaal Sarpa

Past 'Papa karmas' knowingly or unknowingly committed by a native, outputs 'Misfortune'. Misfortune can be divided into four divisions as under:

  • No birth of a child, although native is physically and medically fit for giving birth to a child, due to misfortune only is having no child. This is the first misfortune created due to sins committed, knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Union of quarreling wife whose behavior is unbearable.
  • Not getting the returns of handwork and hankering for money is the third misfortune.
  • Fourth is the misfortune appears in the form of physical and mental weakness and due to frustration on all fronts of life, the native desires to end his own life before regular expiry.


Approaches the Doctors, Vaidya and Hakims, adopts all measures for improving his financial position and when he is not getting the positive results of honest efforts then he turns to astrology. He anxiously shows his Horoscope to astrologer to find out the bad aspects in his Horoscope. He enquires about Sarpa shapa, Bhratrushapa etc. and performs religious remedies. Read more http://trimbakeshwar.in/Kal-sarpa-dosha-2.aspx

Part 3

Kala Sarpa Yoga Effects

Generally effects of 'KALA SARPA YOGA' operate throughout life and especially during DASHA or Sub-DASHA of either Rahu or Ketu, when the intensity either for good or bad, would be felt as modified by transits. There is no time limit for the effects of KALA SARPA YOGA in transits, if the chain will go for good by connections, trines and come out of afflictions. 28th year onwards may be worst in such cases when transit Rahu comes to conjunct natal Ketu at the prime of youth. How to determine the KALA SARPA YOGA in Birth Chart?


    • For determination of 'KALA SARPA YOGA' in the Birth chart, we have to study the 'Ascendant chart' and not 'Moon chart' or 'Navamansha chart'.
    • When the planets are placed in between Rahu & ketu i.e. either side of Rahu Ketu, the KALASARPAYOGA forms in the natal chart. We must observe the formation of KALA SARPA YOGA is either forming in bright or dark portion of the chart. Because KALASARPAYOGA formed in the bright portion of chart is sensitive than the KALASARPAYOGA formed in the Dark side of the chart.
    • In the natal chart if Rahu's is placed in Ascendant or in seventh house and all the planets are in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Houses, this position forms rightful KALASARPAYOGA.
    • The planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are in Right or left side of Rahu or Ketu, it forms KALASARPAYOGA.
Part 4

Formations of Kala Sarpa Yoga

Important Formations By positional aspect, Kala sarpa yoga can only six formations, which are important for considering the destiny.


1) 1st - 7th Houses
2) 2nd - 8th Houses
3) 3rd - 9th Houses
4) 4th - 10th Houses
5) 5th - 11th Houses
6) 6th -12th Houses.


Kala sarpa yoga forming from different houses will manifest differently as illustrated below:


Formation of this yoga from the House 1st to 7th is not regarded as good for material happiness. Conversely it might be regarded conducive to the spiritual pursuits as a result of failure in marriage. But from mundane point of view difficulties are seen to be experienced in married life and sometimes the very fact of married status becomes oppressive. In such a position Astrologer's role is important Astrology can come to the rescue and by forwarding the timely advice to the native, he or she can be led to side-track and possibly avoid marital catastrophe. Understanding is the keynote of happiness and what cannot be cured must be endured’ is a golden rule to this effect. Astrology thus soothes the native by wise guidance and develops for balance.

Read more http://trimbakeshwar.in/Kal-sarpa-dosha-4.aspx

Part 5

Eclipse Is Similar To Kala sarpa yoga

Astronomy is the science of the heavenly bodies. The Sun, Moon, planets, comet and fixed stars. It treats of their magnitudes, motions, distances, constituents etc. Astrology is the science of heavenly influences as related to the earth and its inhabitants. Astrology and Astronomy are as true now as ever before. In ancient times Astronomy was a science, religion and art combined, and as such has outlived all sectarian bigots and religious hypocrites.

Astronomically, an eclipse is the Interposition of a dark celestial body between a luminous and the eye, or passing: of a luminous body in to the shadow of another body Eclipse of the sun always takes place on new moon and eclipse of the moon on full moon. Eclipse of the sun always comes on from west and passes over east and while eclipse of the moon comes on from the east and passes to westward. Ancient Astrologers discovered the regularity of the recurrence of eclipse after a period of eighteen years and odd. We do not know how they have arrived at this result as eclipses are not always visible in any single place.

Read more http://trimbakeshwar.in/Kal-sarpa-dosha-5.aspx

Part 6

Effects of Eclipse in 1 To 12 Houses of Horoscope

1) First House - An eclipse falling in the ascendant will bring changes in physical make-up. The native becomes accident prone and will have several. One may be involved in an automobile accident and other may slip at home and meet a bone fracture. Such accidents come in rapid succession, though nothing serious, but enough to cause worry. Just to walking down the, street becomes a problem. If the eclipse is in favorable aspects, it will bring him personal elevation that is lasting and durable. He will meet success in whatever he will do at the time.

2) 2nd House: Second house of Horoscope relates to finances and possessions. If favorably expected at an eclipse, it will not only enhance the person's assets but will also provide an additional source or sources of earning. This is good time to try his luck at speculation. Naturally, adverse aspect would indicate loss of finances or failures at financial ventures remember to watch when a planet by degree transits an eclipse point, for all squares and oppositions will act in a negative manner, while the sex tile and trines will bring favorable events financially in his life.

Read more http://trimbakeshwar.in/Kal-sarpa-dosha-6.aspx