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Kaal Sarp Yog

Combinations of planets formed specific position in the Horoscopes are called Yogas. YOGAS play an important role and enjoy a prominent position in Hindu Astrology.

In the Birth chart (Horoscope) if all planets are placed at one side between Rahu & Ketu it forms a yoga namely KALA- SARPA YOGA. KALA SARPA YOGA is regarded as one of the dreaded evil Yogas having significance in 'Mundane Astrology. Hindu ancient astrological literature is more or less silent about it. Even the learned commentators did not make any detailed scrutiny as to the effects of this Yoga in 'NATAL ASTROLOGY'. Last ten years after deep study and scrutiny of about 1200 Horoscopes I have found that there is an evil Yoga formed by Rahu & Ketu. In the year 1990 I have written one book in Marathi language namely Tripindi - NARAYAN NAGABALI - KALA - SARPA - YOGA. I have written namely articles and delivered lectures in various Astrological conferences throughout India. Without study in this direction I was criticised by the so called astrologers and Almanac publishers. The criticisers blamed me for my study and tried to harm my name and goodwill in the field of Astrology. But my personal efforts and sale of 20,000 copies of my book compelled the criticisers to keep mum.

People who are unable to see in the day light are called 'DAY BLIND (DIVANDHA)', such persons blame the sun for their blindness. Mere admission or non-admission of a certain thing cannot be challenged the existence of a certain thing. In the practical life we have to consider so many things in good faith. It is quite difficult to prove the exact father of certain child. Even though the medical science is on the top of mountain today.

I have to ask one simple question to learned astrologers. The planets placed on two sides of 'SUN' form some yogas like 'VELI' 'VASI' and "UBHAYACHARI YOGA' . The planets placed on two sides of 'MOON' form 'ANFA' 'SUNFA' 'DURDHARA' and 'KUMUDRAM' yogas. If saturn is placed with moon it forms 'VISHAYOGA'. If Rahu is placed with moon this position forms 'GRAHAN YOGA'. If Rahus is accompanying Jupiter it forms 'CHANDAL YOGA'. No one is denying these yogas. Then how we can dare to deny the bad effects of planets swallowed by Rahu & Ketu?

Learned ancient astrologers like Maharshi Parashar and Varaha Mihir have considered 'SARPAYOGA' in their books. Bhrugu, Kalyan Varma, Badraya Garga, Manitha etc. have admitted the Sarpayoga. Varahamihir has admitted and established 'SARPAYOGA' in his Brihat Jatak Nabha Sanyog, Kalyan Varma has given detailed defination of Kalasarpa Yoga in his valuable book 'SARAWALI' 'Shanti Ratnam has admitted KALASARPA YOGA and prescribed the Kalasarpa Shanti as JATAKA SHANTI. More over many Nandi Granthas have mentioned this Yoga.

kal sarpa yoga Puja at Trimbakeshwar

Trimbakeshwar Guruji to perform Puja's of Narayan Nagbali, Kalsarpa yog and other. Ask any question or help from Guruji. Guruji will respond to your query.

Trimbakeshwar guruji

Pt. Sadanand Prabhakar Toke guruji

Address : House no 12, near shri ram mandir,panch ali, trimbakeshwar.
Dist nasik, maharshatra
Contact details : 02594 233063, 9011646463, 9922469763

Email :

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Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-1
Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-2
Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-3
Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-4
Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-5
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Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-1
Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-2
Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-3
Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-4
Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-5
Kal sarpa dosha Chapter-6