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Chandrabhaga River Pandharpur

The bank of Chandrabhaga

You can see the mighty Chandrabhaga if you come from eastern side of Solapur. You can see many small and big peaks of many temples. At first your attention must be taken by the temple of devotee Pundlic. To take bath in the Chandrabhaga river is the desire of many pious people. They want to dance on the sand which is sprawted on the shore of the river. They take the not stop name of Shri Vitthal. They alter the name of Shri Vitthal continuously.

At first the pious people want to take a bathe in the Chandrabhaga river. Pundlik who brought him in Pandharapur. Henry of devotee Pundlik’s pledge, our Lord Shri Vitthal decented from Heavens, from that time he has been standing on a stone brick and giving darshan to the peple. Tehrefore after today bath everyone should take darshan of devotee Pundlik. Tehre are many ‘Ghats’ (stone steps) are built.

The native name of the river is Bhima. But here she drains as crescent, so she is called Changarbhaga. The river is delightful. Tehrev are many stone steps for getting down in the river.

There are many temples and immolations on the bank of Chandrabhaga River. The immolations are H.B.P. Bhausaheb Dehukar, Govindbuva Amalnerkar, Govindbuva Chopdekar, Bhanudas Maharaj Belapurkar, Gunda Maharaj who was the native man of Deglurkar Maharaj, Dhondopant Dada, Laxmandas Maharaj Vakharikar, Bhagavan-shastri Dharurkar, Dasganu Maharaj, Late shri Dhanudas Maharaj who was research worker of Dnyeshwari and famous preacher and of his wife, some immolations are ruined in the floods.

On the other side of Chandrabhaga there is Gujar Ghat. Every year a pilgrimage is held on this Ghat. Beside the Ghat here is a temple of Shree Mhasoba and the temple of Datta. An attractive fire work is done there every year. Some Temples and Holy places are there in the adjacent area of Pandharpur.

According to historians and archaeologists Pandharpur is an ancient holy place. It has been proved by the holy places which were situated in the adjecent area of Pandharpur. It has geographi¬cal and historical importance. Some holy water places are ruined in the time.

The main holy water places in Pandharpur are:-

  • 1) Lohadand Teerth,
  • 2)Ganapati Teerth,
  • 3) Abal Teerth,
  • 4) Panchganga Teerth,
  • 5) Pitru Teerth,
  • 6) Vyas Teerth,
  • 7) Muktesh Teerth,
  • 8) Agastya Teerth,
  • 9) Sankashan Teerth,
  • 10) Brahma Teerth,
  • 11) Mandvya Teerth,
  • 12) Gunja Teerth,
  • 13) Kalbhairav Teerth,
  • 14) Chakra Teerth,
  • 15) Laxmi Teerth,
  • 16) Vishnupad Teerth,
  • 17) Gopalpur Teerth,
  • 18) Padma Teerth,
  • 19) Sandhyavali Teerth,
  • 20) Kundal Teerth,
  • 21) Sangam Teerth,
  • 22) Venu Teerth,
  • 23) Vruddhakaleshwar Teerth etc.


Lohadand Teerth Pandharpur

Lohadand Teerth (Lohadand water holy place):- It is 20.25 feet away from Pundlik Temple. It believed that a stone launch float here. The story of this holy water place is that Ahilya who was known for a virtuous disposition. Her virtuous dis¬position were carried by the king of Gods 'Indra'. Therefore Goutam Rushi cursed therrv both. He cursed his wife that she became a stone. He also cursed Indra that he will be suffered by hundreds of holes to his body. Ahilya had been purred tied by touching feet of Shree Ram. Then Indrasur rendered to Vishnu. Vishnu gave an iron stick and told him to travel to the holy places. He also told him that where the iron sticks would float. He would be free from his curse. Many years Indra travelled various holy places. At last he came here where his iron stick floated. He became pure. From that this holy place named Lohadand Teerth.

Another story has been put forward that our Lord Shankar and Parvati voyaged through the sky. At that time Parvati became thirsty. So Shankar made hole by his Trishul. He brought water from the hole. Parvati drank the water. So this holy place named Lohadand Teerth.

Padma Teerth Pandharpur

Padma Teerth: - It is situated on the eastern side about 1 k.m. away from of the Vitthal Rukmini Mandir. Here is the temple of Padmavati Goddess. In the past, there is a lake around the temple. Around the lake there is a wall and stone steps. Bhagawan Shankar and Parvati stayed here. Kanhya Haridas mentioned this place in his songs. There construction of this lake was completed in 1778 by Sardar Yashwant Pawar. The pious people come here in Navratri Mahostava. All arrangements are made by Badave.

The temple is on Savarkar Road, Railway Station and ST. Stand are near. Our Lord Vitthal came with Dnyneshwar and his brothers here when they set forth to the holy places. Dnyneshwar and Namdev met here. The meeting was done by Lord Vitthal. Padmavati shopping centre here is which was built by Municipal Corporation.

Kundal Teerth Pandharpur

Kundal Teerth: - It is situated on the north of the Vitthal Rukmini Temple. Here Lord Vishnu laid his ear ornaments at the battle with Devil. Therefore it is called 'Kundal Teerth'. You will had there is the idol of Narshinha and the temple of 'Mahadev' behind this place.

Sangam Teerth Pandharpur

Sangam Teerth: - It is situated at Gopalpur. The two rivers Bhima and Pushpa meet here. When Shree Krishna came to Pandharpur, the river Yamuna became sad, so Vitthal brought her here in the name of Pushpa.

Venu Teerth Pandharpur

Venu Teerth: - It is situated near to the 'Sangam' Teerth. Here Radha caught the flute of Shree Krishna, so this holy place is 'Venu Teerth'. 'Venu' means (Flute).

Gunja Teerth Pandharpur

Gunja Teerth: - It is situated near to the 'Venu Teerth'.

Vruddhkaleshwar Teerth Pandharpur

Vruddhkaleshwar Teerth: - It is situated I.K.M. away from Gopalpuri. The angel of death 'Yama' who established this holy water place. So it is called 'Yama Teerth'.

Panchganga Teerth Pandharpur

Panchganga Teerth :- It is situated 8 k.m. from the Vitthal Rukmini Temple at the north side. Here five rivers meet together. The name of the rivers are, Tunga, Sati, Suni, Kirti and Bruganti. The Pilgrim is held on Monday in every 'Shravan month'.

Vishrupad Teerth Pandharpur

Vishrupad Teerth:- It is situated on the bank of Chandrabhaga river. The temple has been built by stone. The original construction was reconstructed in 1640 by Dhamankarbuva. In 1875 it was again reconstructed by Chintopant Nagesh Badve. There are two tool sings of Shree Krishna. Shree Krishna came here for Pundalik. He ate food here with his friends. Lord Shri Vitthal stays return here when the comes back, from Alandi. In the Margsheersh month (Dec.) a pilgrim is held here.

You can go here through the bridge or launch. Here is a beautiful temple of Naradmuni. The idol is very attractive and beautiful.

Gopalpur Pandharpur

Gopalpur: - It is situated on the bank of Pushpavati river. A beautiful temple of Gopal Krishna is there. The idol of Gopal Krishna is an attractive and beautiful. The faces of Gopal Krishna and Shri Vitthal are same. There is temple of Bhimakraya who was father in-law of Shree Krishna. You can see there the cave of Janabai, her stone grinder (Jate) and the temple of Laxmi Narayan.

The temple has big compound and big stone fortifications. The histories believe that the stones are 500 years ago. All arrangements are made by Gurav community. The daily rities are held there. The Gopalkala is celebrated on grand scale on 'Gokul Ashtmi'. The pilgrim cannot be ended without the 'Prasad' is taken. The temple has three doors. There are 42 rooms in the temple. The main door is an attractive and beautiful. The temple was attacked by Afzalkhan when he stayed at Begampur. The idol was rescued by 'Gurav' Community. They reconstructed the temple. The temple was again reconstructed in 1744 by Anand Shymaji Dabhade who lived in Talegaon. The temple of Mahadev was built by Parshuram Anagal who lived in 'Satara'.

Ghats (Stone Steps)

There are three bridges across the river.

1) railway Bridge
2) New bridge (It is on northern side)
3) Old stone Bridge (Its goes towards solapur) Shri Lakhubai’s temple is near from bridge. A small opposite side is hill on face of the temple, besides a small temple of Masadevi.

1. Divate Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

It is against of ‘Thakurbuva Math’.

2. Krishnaji Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

A small ‘Maruti Temple’ is on this Ghat.
There are small idols of Bhagavan Shankar, Nandi, and Shri Ganesh. It was built in 1825. Beseide this Ghat there is a school. ‘Lokmanya Vidyalaya’. Also there is a building of Pandharpur Corporation.

3. Dagari Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

It was called Nargundkar Ghat before. It is buried in land, beside this Ghat there is a hermit of Kabirbuva. Connectedly there is a temple of Nagarvachan.

4. Uddhav Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

It was built in 1760. A temple of Lord Mahadev is on this Ghat. When the flood come the idol of Pundlik is brought in this temple for the daily rities.

5. Shri Datta Ghat or Haridas Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

It was built in 1885 by Hari Appa Harida. A famous Datta Temple is on this Ghat. Beside this ghat there is a hermit of Shri ‘Chaturmasye’. Connectedly there is a hermit of shri ‘Chaturmasye’. Connectedly there is a hermit of ‘Maheshwari and Asgari’.

6. Kumbhar Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

It was built in 1770 by Shri Ramchandra Krushna Limaye. On this Ghat there is the immolation of Late Shri Shridharswami Nazarekar, who wrote Pandav Pratap‘, Shri Hari Vijay and Shivleelamrut, the religions big books.

7. Mahadvar Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

It was built in 1785 by Chito Nagesh Badve. A new Ghat is built connectedly for the convenient of the pious people. The pious people go to Shri Vitthal – Rukmini temple through this Ghat A big house of Shrimati Ahilyabai Holkar and the temple of Shri Ram are on this Ghat. In the face of the temple there is a big palace of Srimant Shinde sarkar the palace is sturdy and attractive. There is an attractive idol of Shri Krishna in this palace every year, the Gokul Ashtami festival is celebrated here on a grand scale.

8. Kasar Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

Beside the Mahadvar Ghat, there is Kasar Ghat. It was built in 1798 by Shri Ramrao Jarlekar. On this Ghat there is the Nagareshwar Temple of ‘Komati’ society. On the side there is a hermit of Kapol and the temple of Shri Samarth Ramdas.

9. Chandtabhaga Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

In the next of Kasar Ghat there is Chandrabhaga Ghat. It was built in 1820 by younger Bajirao Peshwa and Shri Govind Maharaj Chopdekar. Bedside this Ghat there is the palace of ‘Vaskar Maharaj’. A hermit of sarda which is newly built and there is a hermit of late Dhondopant Dada.

10. Vipradatta Ghat Chandrabhaga Pandharpur

It was built in 1820 by Chintamanrao Appasaheb Sanglikar. In this potent place there is a idol of one mouth Datta. Every year ‘Datta Jayanti’ is celebrated there. In this palace there is the immolation of Saint tukavipra. He is the incarnation of Saint Namdev. He completed his desire, to write hundred crore Abhangas next there is a private and small Ghat. In this ghat there is a temple of Shriram. A last there is Smashan Ghat.

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