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Pandharpur is the spiritual capital of Maharastra. This sacred spot is called 'South Kashi'. It has been become holy by the residence of the 'Lord Vitthal and Rukmini' touching feels of all saints of the Bhagvat religion.

First pandharpur

Pandharpur is situated on the bank of Bhima River. Bhima is also called ‘Bhirava’. Here Bhima River takes a crescent turn. Hence the name is given to Bhima as ‘Chandrabhaga’ means divided moon. Another story is told about the accursed Lord Moon bathed here, and he was freed from his curse. From that time the river has been draining as crescent. So people call it ‘Chandrabhaga’.

The Ancient Pandharpur

‘Pandhari Mahatmya’ is an ancient book. In this book, there is a description of Pandharpur i.e.
Page no. 5 Marathi line

पौंडरिकमीती खायात (khyat) तीर्थक्षेत्रच पूजीतम |

पांडुरंगसय ततरासते मूर्तिमान देवतोत्तम: ||

On the banks of Bhima River, this holy pilgrim-age is situated. In this pilgrimage Lord Panduranga lives in the form of idol.

For many centuries together millions of people have been coming to Pandharpur for pilgrimage. It is only one holy place where the pilgrimage is held in four dfferent months.

  1. Chaitri Pilgrimage (in the month of April)
  2. Aashadhi (July)
  3. Kartiki (November)
  4. Maghi (Feb)

Out of them Chaitri and Maghi is the biggest and most important pilgrimage of Pandharpur. These Pilgrimage are an essential according to the Pious people. Some pilgrims come to Pandharpur in every month. Pandharpur is the most important tourist place in South India.


Pandharpur is situated on the 1711 north axis and 7511 the east longitude in Solapur District. The population of Pandharpur is about thousand. It has municipality. There are 50 wards. Recently the area has been extended by municipality. It is situated in 7 k.m. area. There are 7 wells near the railway bridge in the Chandrabhaga River. Water is supplied through these wells.

In 1956 the Ujani Dam has been built on the Chandrabhaga River near Temburni. In 1956, there was a big flood to the Chandabhaga River. ¾ of city was immersed in water. Before 1999 there was the Narrow gauge railway. But now Broad guage is available.



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