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Jamner is a town and taluka in the Jalgaon subdivision of Jalgaon district in Nashik division of Kandesh region of Maharashtra state in India. Jamner is famous for cotton, banana and oranges. Its main markets are Neri, Pahur and Shendurni.

* Famous Personalities: Late Rajmal Lakhichand (RL Gold)

Jamner is 37 km away from Jalgaon. It is also 29 km away from the world-famous Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

The present MLA is Girish Mahajan. Jamner is famous for its educational institutions. It is located on the Aurangabad Burhanpur Highway. A narrow-gauge railway line connects Pachora to Jamner.

* The nearest airport: Jalgaon
* The nearest railway stations: Jamner, Bodwad, Pachora, Jalgaon, Bhusawal.

Post Offices with Pin Code in Jamner Talula

* Shendurni - 424204
* Pahur - 424205
* Jamner - 424206
* Wakadi - 424207
* Fattepur - 424209

Banking Facility

* State Bank of India - Waki Road, Jamner
* State Bank of India - Agriculture Development Branch, Jamner
* IDBI Bank - Gandhi Chowk, Jamner
* Central Bank of India - Jamner
* JDCC Bank - Jamner

ATM Facility:

* In the month of June-2010, State Bank of India launched ATM Facility at Waki Road Branch, Jamner.

[edit] Educational institutions

* School and colleges:
o New English School Jamner, Anglo Urdu High School, Indirabai Lalwani school,jamnerpura, jamner
o Manoharlal Dhariwal Science College
o Geetabai Mahajan Arts college
o Also, a commerce college as well.
o Shree Sureshdada Jain Pharmacy ( B.Pharm & M. Pharm Pharmaceutics ) college
o Jamner Taluka Education Society

The Remarkable Miracle of Jamner

About 1904-05 Nanasaheb Chandorkar was Mamlatdar at Jamner, in the Khandesh District, which is more than 100 miles distant from Shirdi. His daughter Mainatai was pregnant and was about to deliver. He case was very serious and she was suffering from labour pains for the last two or three days. Nanasaheb tried all remedies but they proved in vain; he then remembered Baba and invoked His aid. There in Shirdi, one Ramgirbuva, whom Baba called Bapugirbuva, wanted at this time to go to his native place in Khandesh. Baba called him and told him to take a little rest and stop at Jamner on his way home and give the Udi and Arati to Nanasaheb. Ramgirbuva said that he had only two rupees with him and that amount was barely sufficient for the railway fare up to Jalgaon and it was not possible for him to go from jalgaon to Jamner, a distance of about 30 miles. Baba assured him that he need not worry, as everything would be provided for him. Then Baba asked Shama to write the well-known Arati composed by Madhav Adkar (a translation of this is given at the end of this work) and give a copy of it with Udi to Ramgirbuva to be delivered to Nanasaheb. Then relying on Baba's words, Ramgirbuva left Shirdi and reached Jalgaon at about 2-45 a.m. He had only two annas left with him and was in a hard plight. To his great relief he heard somebody calling out "Who is Bapugirbuva of Shirdi?" He went to him and told him that he was the person Bapugirbuva. Then the peon, professing to be sent by Nanasaheb, took him out to an excellent tanga with a good pair of horses. They both drove in it. The tanga ran fast and early in the morning they came to a brooklet. The drive took the horses for watering them and the peon asked Ramgirbuva to partake of some eatables. On seeing the beard, moustache and the livery of the peon, Rangirbuva suspected him to be a Moslem and was unwilling to take any refreshments from him, but the peon satisfied him by saying that he was a Hindu, a Kshatriya of Garhwal and that Nanasaheb had sent these refreshments and that there should be no difficulty, nor any doubt about acceptance. Then both of them took the refreshments and started again. They reached Jamner at dawn. Ramgirbuva alighted to attend a call of nature (passing urine) and returned within a few minutes, but found that there was no tanga, no driver and no peon. He was dumbfounded. Then he went to the neighbouring Katcheri and making enquiries, learnt that the Mamlatdar was at home. He went to Nanasaheb's house, and announced himself and gave to Nanasaheb, Baba's Udi and Arati. At this time, Mainatai's case was most serious and all were in deep anxiety about her. Nanasaheb called out his wife and asked her to give the Udi, mixed with water, to their daughter to drink, and sing Baba's Arati. He thought that Baba's help was most opportune. In a few minutes came the news that the delivery was safe and that the crisis had passed away. When Ramgirbuva thanked Nanasaheb for the peon, tanga and the refreshments etc. the latter was greatly surprised as he had sent none to the station, and was not aware of any person coming from Shirdi.

Mr. B.V. Deo of Thana, Retired Mamlatdar, made enquiries about this matter with Bapurao Chandorkar, son of Nanasaheb and Ramgirbuva of Shirdi and after satisfying himself wrote an elaborate article - part prose and part poetry - in Shri Sai Leela magazine (Vol. 13 Nos. 11, 12 and 13). Brother B.V. Narsimhswami has also taken down the statements of (1) Mainatai (No. V page 14) and (2) Bapusaheb Chandorkar (No. XX page 50) and (3) Ramgirbuva (No. XXVII, Page 83) dated Ist June 1936, 16 September 1936 and Ist December 1936 respectively and published them in his "Devotees' Experiences, Part III." The following is quoted from Ramgirbuva's statement.

"One day Baba called me to him and gave me a packet of Udi and a copy of Baba's Arati. I had to go to Khandesh at the time. Baba directed me to go to Jamner and told me to deliver the Arati and Udi to Nanasaheb Chandorkar, at Jamner. I said to Baba that all I had was Rs. 2, and asked Him how that could take me by train from Kopergaon to Jalgaon and next by cart from Jalgaon to Jamner. Baba said,"God will give." That was Friday and I started at once. I reached Manmad at 7-30 p.m. and Jalgaon at 2-45 a.m. At that time plague regulations were enforced and I had much trouble. I was to discover what I should do to get to Jamner. At about 3 a.m. a peon in boots, turban and well equipped with other details of good dress came to me and took me to a tanga and drove me on. I was in terror. On the way at Bhaghoor, I took refreshments. We reached Jamner early in the morning and by the time I attended my call of nature the tanga and its driver had disappeared (page 83)."


Pachora Jamner Railway.

The Pachora-Jamner railway line was constructed by Messrs Shapoorji Godbole and Co. of Bombay. The Pachora-Pahur section was opened up in 1918 and the rest of the sections in 1919.[History of Indian Railways: Ministry of Railways.] On termination of the contracts with the former Great Indian Peninsula Railway Company, the line was brought under direct State management with effect from 1st July 1925.

This is a narrow gauge (2'—6") line with a length of 34.62 miles. It passes through more or less plain countryside with banana orchards at many a place.

The stations on this line (with their distance from Pachora) are: Varkhedi 7, Pimpaleaon 13. Shendurni 18. Pahur 25. Bhagdara 30 and Jamner 35. The number of passengers booked at the stations in the vear ending 31 March 1957 was as follows: Varkhcdi 1.00.946: Pimpalgaon 56.445: Shendurni 1,36,055; Pahur 99,750; Bhagdara 31249 and Jamner 76,618.

Jamner map

map of jamner | jamner taluka map

Jamner college and schools


New English School
Bhusawal Road, Jamner, Maharashtra

ZP Urdu Boys School
Major State Highway 8, Jamner, Maharashtra

ITI College
Waki Road, Jamner, Maharashtra

ZP Urdu Primary Scool
Bhusawal Road, Jamner Pura Township, Jamner, Maharashtra

Nutan Maratha Primary School
Bhusawal Road, Jamner, Maharashtra

Indira Lalwani High School
Bhusawal Road, Jamner, Maharashtra

JTES College
Mahatma Gandhi Road, Jamner, Maharashtra

Anglo Urdu Primary School
Old Bodwad Road, Madni Nagar, Jamner, Maharashtra

ZP Marathi Primary School
Bhusawal Road, Jamner Pura Township, Jamner, Maharashtra

Indira Bai Lalwani School
Bhusawal Road, Jamner Pura Township, Jamner, Maharashtra

Jamner pincode

Details of Post Office JAMNER, JALGAON
Post Office: JAMNER
Post Office Type: SUB OFFICE
District: JALGAON
Pin Code: 424206
Contact Address: Postmaster, Post Office JAMNER (SUB OFFICE), JALGAON, MAHARASHTRA (MH), India (IN), Pin Code:- 424206



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