Narayan Nagbali Puja At Trimbakeshwar

Narayan Nagbali Puja Both these formalities are performed with a desire of fulfillment of certain wishes. Hence they are known as Kamya.


1. To get issues.
2. To remove the troubles from Ghosts.
3. If any member of the family is dead to any mishap (accident, suicide, sinking in water etc. ) and his family is troubled because of him, these formalities are done to get rid of this trouble.
4. To remove the trouble from Ghosts, black magic etc. (1) FOR GETTING ISSUE: - If anyone has no issue, especially son, it was treated as misfortune.

People used to avoid seeing the face such person early in the morning. For this feeling was seen in the public It is a strong desire of ever married couple to get at least one male bat The family life remains incomplete without any issue. Love for kids and affection is the natural feelings, these feelings are not fulfilled, then man feels unhappy than poverty or economic backwardness. Now modern era, the means of "Test tube baby" are available. Even though the couple does not afford, they get the necessary treatment, sometimes even by getting money on loan. But when they do not get any positive response of all modern treatment, they turn the astrologers in frustration.


The astrologers can only analyze the reasons of failure of all medical treatments. After carefully examining the sex organs of both, if it is found that there is no fault in anybody and still there is no chance of issue, astrologers can only reply this question. Always when there is deceased, there must be some remedy also. Keeping in mind this rule, our ancestors had mentioned the remedies in the science of Astrology to overcome this problem. First they find out from birth chart of both of them whether there is any possibility of getting issue or not. If yes, then they try to find out the exact reason of not getting the issues out of certain reasons like curse of previous birth curse from Pitars, Yoga discontinuance of the race, etc. When they come to exact conclusion, the they find out the remedy to cure the problem if possible. Out of the remedies, the remedy of Narayan Nagbali is recommended and if this formality is properly fulfilled, there i am sure chance of getting an issue especially the male baby. This is out past experience. Hence it is essential to study the birth charts of both husband and wife. Then a media check up both of them should be made from Expert Doctor.


Simultaneous!' with the medical treatment if the support of Narayan Nagbali is properly given, surely that couple will get an issue.

Part 1

Death By Wrong Reason At Wrong Age

  • Death before marriage
  • Death by sinking in water,
  • Death due to attack by dangerous animal, Small child killed by somebody,
  • Death due to burning fire, suicide by poisoning,
  • Death due electrical shock,
  • Death due to food stuck up in the throat while eating,
  • Death due to excessive consumption of food or liqueur,
  • Death in foreign country,
  • Death during period of panchak, Tripad or Dakshinayan,


Part 2

Curse Indicative Dream

If a man or woman sees the following scenes in his or her dream, it indicates the curse of somebody either in last birth or current birth.


Following are the examples of such type of indicative dreams.

  • To see cobra in dream or to see killing a cobra in dream or to see a cobra dead in pieces.
  • To see water in tank or river or sea.
  • To see ourselves sinking in water or trying to come out of the water.
  • To see quarrel in the dream.
  • To see building getting smashed.
  • To see a widow or any decease relative.
  • To see a woman, whose children’s are not living long, taking with her dead child and she feels that the child is alive or somebody pulling her child from her etc.


Part 3

Thought from Medical Science

It has been stated in medical science that physical unfitness and due to that problems and tensions are always occurring in human life. To get rid from these tensions and problems Lord Shiva and Vishnu are being prayed. In the same manner the Narayan Nagbali vidhi is to be performed is stated in medical science. Ayurveda or one of the four Ved which deals with medical sciences having thoughts of Jivatma i.e. a living soul. Ayurveda is a sub part of Atharvaved. In Ayurveda decease, reason for decease, health and source of decease has been discussed. Ayurveda has studied various methods of Etiology. One of the methods is called as "Karmaj. This method has been included in "Ashtang Ayurveda".


Part 4

Muhurat (The Best Day) For Vidhi of Narayan Nag Bali

If a "Narayan Nagbali vidhi" is performed at the best suitable day for that vidhi which is available through the table of ephemeris, then the desired results of vidhi will the available very soon.


This Narayan-Nagbali vidhi is not performed in "Shukrd' i.e. plane Venus is having "Asta" or in the month of "Pousha" and "Magha". But "Nirnay Sindhu" has given a separate opinion. As per "Nirnay-sindhu", if we only avoid certain asterism then at any day this Narayan-Nagbali vidhi can be performed. For this vidhi" Dhanishtha Panchak and " Tripad" asterism is to be avoided i.e. vidhi can not be started at above said asterism's day, the last two parts of "Dhanishtha", "Shat-Tarakd and "poorva- Badrapada", " Uttar- Bhadrapadd and "Revati" Asterism are called as "Dhanishtha Panchak'.


Part 5

Process of Narayan Nagbali Puja

The First Day of Narayana Nag bali Puja: -Before starting " vidhi' one must get in "Tirtharaj Kushawarta". If his father is living in haven that is depa from our world then he should get all hairs of head trimmed i.e. cleaned holy words and got bath in " Tirth. A getting all hairs of head cleaned he will clean his mouth 12 times with the water of " Tirtharaj Kushawarta". To get the body cleaned from in & outside " Deha-Shuddhi is to be performed for this process ash, feces of cow, earth soil is used. The couple who is going to perform this " vidhi' should get "deha-Shuddhi' first & after that they should wear new cloths & should get blessings from older persons, relatives of the family & also blessing from "Guruji". After that get the "kalash i.e. bowl of copper filled with holy water of "Kushawart. Then go to "Lord Trimbakeshward' temple with this "kalash. Also Carry all the instruments which are required for "vidhi", get blessing from lord trimbakeshwara & tell him why you are going to perform this "vidhi", also kindly request lord trimbakeshwar to bless so that the "vidhi" will get fruitful. Get exit from "lord trimbakeshwar" temple from east door. Then go to the place, where " Naravan Nagbali" is performed. The 800 square fits building at the East Side of lord trimbakeshwar temple is called as "Dharmashala". In this building there is a ki cum store room at the north corner room is used to store material for vidhi. Also there is a water tank near it. Coalition point of river "Godavari" river "Ahilya" is called as Sangam.

Part 6

Pathey Shraddha

After completing above shraddha three pind of wheat flour are prepared a presented to the soul. If he get hungry the way, that's why this shraddha is call as Pathey shraddha. After this all the pinda are worshiped and this whole process presented to God. This total process named as "Sakam Narayan bali Palash Vidhi Yukta". This process is called as "Sakam Narayanbali' in Nirnay Sindhu. By doing this pretshuddhi and by Palash Vidhi peace to the soul can be issued. This also leads get an issue to the couple.


When we complete Narayan bali then Nagbali is to be started. Narayan and Nagbali are separate from each other. But to get an issue these both are performed jointly. "Shaunak Rishi' has stated this, if someone is having only Nag hatya, then only Nagbali is to be performed. The best suitable day is how selected has been already stated. If someone has involved in Nag hatya -in current or previous life then he is cursed and the effect is not getting issue. To get issue Nagbali is essential. This Nagbali is to be performed at Trimbakeshwar only. This has been clearly stated in "Dalabhya Sanhita" Sesame, barley, wheat, rice is used create a Nag. This Nag is installed on red cloth. The couple who is performing the vidhi is to sit in the East direction. After performing the Netra-Aachman as per the direction of Guruji, a commitment to get right for this vidhi is done. The commitment is as below: - "If I am involved in the killing snake in my current 6r past life anyone from a family is involved in the killing of snake then to get rid from the curse and also to get issue & to offer the soul of that snake I am performing Narayan-Nagbli. Also I am requesting god to offer a way to peace to 8 types of snakes."