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Narayanbali And Nagbali At Trimbakeshwar From Authorized Priests

Narayan Nagbali
Narayan Nagbali Both These Formalities Are Performed Naryan Nagabali

1. To receive issues.

2. To remove the troubles of negative energies.

3. If any member of the family dies due to some accident (accident, suicide, drowning in water etc.) and due to that his family remains troubled, then these formalities are completed to get rid of this trouble.

4. To remove the troubles of ghosts, black magic etc.

(1) For prevention: - If no one, especially the son, has any problem, then it is considered inauspicious. People used to avoid seeing the face of such a person early in the morning. Till now there was a feeling among the people that it is always the desire of a married couple that they have at least one male bat. Family life remains incomplete without any problems. Love and affection for children is a natural feeling, if these feelings are not met, then man feels more unhappy than power or economic backwardness. Now in the modern era there are means of "test tube baby". Even though the couple does not spend, but sometimes they get the treatment they need by taking loan and taking money. But when they do not get any positive response from all the modern remedies, they turn to astrologers in despair.

Astrologers can only analyze the reasons for the failure of all medical treatments. After carefully examining the sex organs of both, if it is found that one has no dosha and still no problem, then only the astrologer can answer this question. Always when there is death, some remedy must also be done. Keeping this rule in mind, our ancestors had given remedies in astrology to overcome this problem. First he finds out from the birth certificates of both that there is no possibility of being issued. If yes, then they should try to know the exact reason for not writing the essay.

Wrong Cause Of Death At Wrong Age

• Death before marriage

• Death by drowning in water,

• Death from attack by dangerous animals;

• Somebody killed a small child,

• Death by burning in fire, suicide by poison,

• Death by electric shock,

• Death due to food stuck in the throat while eating,

• Death due to excessive food or alcohol consumption,

• Death abroad,

• Death during the period of Panchak, Tripada or Dakshinayana,

After death due to any of the above reasons, if he has no one of his own who can offer Pind to him. Death due to such wrong reason and at the wrong age is called Durmaran in Indian language. After the death of the person who died due to such causes, problems or troubles arise for the whole family.

Curse Symbol Dream

If a man or woman sees the following scene in his or her dream, it indicates the curse of someone in the past or present life.

The following are examples of these types of symbolic dreams.

- Seeing a cobra in a dream or seeing a cobra dying in a dream or seeing a cobra dead in pieces.

- Seeing water in a tank or river or sea.

-Seeing yourself drowning in the water or trying to come out of the water.

- Seeing a quarrel in a dream.

Watching the building fall.

- Seeing a widow or a sick relative.

- To a woman whose children are not living for a long time, taking her dead child with her and feeling that the child is alive or someone is pulling her child from her etc.

To get rid of the above types of dreams, it is advisable to do Narayan Nagbali duly

An Idea From Medical Science About Narayan Nagbali

Medical science says that physical illness and its causes always bring problems and stress in human life. Prayers are being offered to Lord Shiva and Vishnu to get rid of these tensions and problems.

Similarly, Narayan Nagbali method has to be done, it has been said in medical science. One of the four Vedas related to Ayurveda or medical science is the idea of Jivatma i.e. a living soul. Ayurveda is a subdivision of Atharvaveda. Ayurveda discusses diseases, causes of death, sources of health and disease. Ayurveda has studied various methods of etiology. One of the method is called "Karmaj". This method is included in "Ashtanga Ayurveda".

It is clear from the above verse that if the cause of death and proper treatment is given, but the disease is not getting cured, then this type of disease is called "Karmaja". A proper etiology, medical treatment should be backed with strong divine power. If all these are found then the disease will definitely be cured. Lord Shiva's anger is the cause of diseases like fever. To get rid of this disease, the worship of Lord Shiva has been suggested in the medical scriptures, that is, sin is the source of self from man. Such diseases are not curable and they exist forever unless the source of the disease is cleared of sins. A sin which is a product of sin may be killing of a Brahmin i.e. brahmahatya, killing of a woman i.e. female-murder, theft of property or theft of property of others. All these sins will be cured only by divine power or worship of deities. The text "Sushruf" mentions that Lord Shiva is specially called "Gana" with his army to get rid of mental illness. It is the main part of Narayan Nagbali system. Lord Dhanvantari who is also the god of medical science is mentioned.

Muhurta for the method of Narayan Nag Bali

If the "Narayan Nagbali Vidhi" is performed on the most suitable day for that method available through the table of Panchangs, the desired results of the method will be available very soon.

This Narayan-Nagabali method is not performed in "Shukrada" i.e. Venus is in the month of "Ashta" or "Paush" and "Magha". But "Nirnay Sindhu" has a different opinion. ", If we avoid it on any day then this Narayan-Nagabali method can be done. For this method "Dhanisht Panchak" and "Tripad" taraka have to be avoided i.e. the method cannot be started on the day of said Nakshatra. Both the last "Dhanishta", "Shata-Tarakad" and "Purva-Badrapada", "Uttar-Bhadrapada" and "Revati" parts of the constellations are called "Dhanishta Panchakas". Punarvasu, Ufra, Vishakha, Uffarshadha and Purva- Bhadrapada, these are. Six Nakshatras are called "Tripad". If Narayan-Nagabali method is to be done for problem solving, then the best day for it is of "Shravan" Nakshatra. "Panchami" and "Ekadashi" also There are better days. Also good days are Hasta Pushya, Ashlesha, Mrigashirsha, Ardra, Swami and Mool Nakshatra. Also Sunday, Monday and Thursday are good days to start the ritual.

Narayan Nagbali Puja Procedure

First day of Narayan Nag Bali Puja :- Before starting the "Vidhi" one should visit "Teerthraj Kushavart". If his father lives in heaven which is given from our world, then he should get all hair cut i.e. clean the holy words. And bathed in the "pilgrimage". After cleaning all the hair from the head, he will clean his mouth 12 times with the water of "Teerthraj Kushavart". To clean the body from inside and out one has to do "Deha-Shuddhi". Ash, dung, clay soil are used for this process. The couple who are going to do this "method" must do it. One must attain "body purification". First of all, by wearing new clothes, one should take blessings from old people, relatives of the family and also take the blessings of Guruji. After that take a Kalash i.e. a copper bowl filled with holy water of "Kushavart". Along with this "Kalash" "Lord Trimbakeshwar Temple". Also carry all the equipment required for "Vidhi", get blessings from Lord Trimbakeshwar and tell him why you are going to do this "Vidhi", please request Lord Trimbakeshwar to bless you also. that the "method" would be fruitful. Exit the "Lord Trimbakeshwar" temple from the eastern gate. Then go to the place where "Naravan Nagbali" is performed. The 800 square feet building on the east side of the Lord Trimbakeshwar Temple is called "Dharamsala" because this building has a co-shop.

There is also a water tank near it. The confluence of "Godavari" river "Ahilya" river is called Sangam. Trimbakeshwar resides with Lord Nan at this confluence place. There is also "Sati-sa". This place is called "Smashari" i.e. a big cremation ground. Narayan Nagbali method is performed at this place. This method is started by doing "Netra-achamari". Then the sacred ring, also called the "holy", is worn by the person performing the ritual. Then a method called "Rudra-Sharda" is performed to purify the body from within. Guruji speaks the sacred words of Sanskrit in this method, the meaning of these Sanskrit words is given below, "If in present or past life I or any person of my family has stolen someone's money, then from that person or his family Somebody has become..Bhoot i.e. did not get a peaceful life after his death and because of that, me or any person in my family is facing problem, then oh god, please give the path of peace to that soul i.e. "Moksha" or "Moksha" If someone in my family is dying of "Durmaran" i.e. unnatural death, then grant him "Moksha" too. Keeping this desire in mind, I am reading his method.

After the completion of the Narayan-Nagabali system, Lord Brahma, Vishnu, R. The word holy is used. For the main ritual of the cow, 16 round balls of rice flour called "pind" are offered to the fire, that is, the sacred one. This fire is also called "house". Answer-End of the fire-fighting house- then "Vishnu-Shraddha and Pinddaan of the deities over the 5 deities. At the time of this process, the woman of this couple should sit separately and above Vishnu-Shraddha 10. It is said that Bach 15 Pinds are offered to 5 deities and each pind is offered to the person performing the ritual. It is a rule, but it is not a compulsion. The last 5 pinds are to be offered to each deity. A heap of rice is planted. The Frondosa tree is placed on round leaves, then a cotton flame is lit on this pile of rice. This process is called "Bali-daan". This Yagya is performed to attain salvation. Narayan- Nagbali couple should worship in ritual Bali and pray to god that all our wishes are fulfilled and my family stays in happiness and prosperity.Then this bali is kept near dharamsala.To touch the crow is very important.Women couple should have one A crow fills a glass with water until the door of the hose touches the hair of the money, at which point the crow does not touch the earring. Please promise Lord Trimbakeshwar that I will do 11 or 21 holy parikramas around the temple and then bow down to Bali. touches it. This completes the earring process. , after that "puttal method" or "parnashara" 1 is performed. In this process I have made an idol of human body out of coconut and wheat flour, it is believed that the soul who is not getting the path of peace is residing in this idol.

The name of the idol is Narayan and the last office of this idol cum soul is done. This process is also called "Palash Vidhi" or "Parnashar". The man who is performing the rituals and his wife both sit against this idol. Both pray to God to grant peace to this soul. Then the idol is worshipped and the religious merit of a holy parikrama of Brahmagiri is offered to the soul and the soul is requested to go on the path of peace. Being satisfied, the soul has started on the path of peace. 5 Pinds are offered to the idol of the dead body. Then the woman from the couple should bow to the idol and stand apart from that place. One should go to the cremation ground with this idol. The feet of the idol are towards the north direction then a stone is placed near the idol and this stone is called "Ashma". Then that idol is cremated and the idol is cremated. Then a person gets an earthen pitcher filled with water and does three opposing parikramas around the burning idol.

The earthen pot is placed on the left shoulder and then it is turned. The earthen pot is broken with the help of Ashma. Then that Ashma is taken to Dharamsala. In the scriptures, a sesame seed and water are offered to Ashma. This process is called "tianzel". After that a process called "Avyav Shradh" is performed and the number of 10 Pinds is presented. Along with this the number of 8 Pinds for "Visham Shradh" has also been presented. Then all these dead bodies are kept aside. After completing this process we use Vidhi Pind and other materials like Vidhi for ten days, and the material which remains for days is also offered in the Ganges River. After that the couple should go to Kushavarta and take bath.

Then go home and change the wet clothes. These clothes are kept to dry and after drying completely they have to be used the next day. A period of mourning is nurtured after the first day. Day 2: In the first method, the place where the idol is cremated is the ashes of that idol. These ashes are to be collected and flown into the Ganges River. The cremation ground is cleaned with milk, cow feces, curd. Then the man should go to Kushavarta and take a bath.

After that the mourning period of the first day ends. After bathing again in Kushavarta the clothes which are worn earlier should be worn on the first day and should go to Lord Trimbakeshwar temple for pranam, after that both should go to Dharamsha where the rituals are to be performed on the second day. “Netra-achman” is performed and after that a sacred ring called “Pavitra” is worn by the male. This ritual starts from the 11th day after one's death. The Shradh performed on the 11th day is called "Agnimahikodista Shradh".

This Shradh, Agni or holy fire is lit by making a commitment. Prayers are offered in the west-north corner and then pulses, rice, vegetables are offered to the fire. All the above items are mixed and divided into eight different parts and then offered to the fire. Sixteen Shradhs are to be performed in twelve months of the year. Shradh is performed with Pinda which is made from wheat flour. The person performing the ritual sits facing south and then Pind Daan 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and last i.e. 16 Pind is performed. are presented. This Shradh is performed to perform "Sapindi". Then all these dead bodies are thrown in the Ganges river. After that "Sapindi Shradh" is performed. Because the pain the soul is causing is unknown, its ganas are named as Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra. Thus the name of Shradh.

The knot provided by holding the stick. This yoga is considered as brahmin. The person who is performing Shradh is sitting facing east. "Netra-achman" and "Pavitra" are worn. After that "Sapindi" commitment is done for Shradh. Three leaves of Butea frondosa tree are placed in front. The one placed in the east is for the Lord, the one placed in the south is for the Preta, the second leave of the same south is for Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra who are named first. These three leaves are worshipped. In this bowl, a bowl made of the leaves of Butia Frondosa tree is filled in front of the preta water. This bowl is called "Aharyapatra". The water from this bowl is collected in the bowl facing Preeta. This process is called "Ahaya-Samvajan". Yes, then sit in the southeast direction. Two sticks named "Darbha 1" are placed in front of him. Three objects are presented on the first stick and an ellipse-shaped body is presented on the second stick. It is said after worshiping the pind by touching the stick. This oval body is divided into three parts. The first part is mixed with the first ingot of the first stick and an ingot is formed. The same process is repeated in the next two parts. This process is called "Pinda-sanyog", the sacred words spoken during "Pinda-sanyog" are very beautiful and sacred. When we perform this Shradh, the soul starts walking on the path of peace. He is freed from the beloved. If a person has been bitten by a ghost then he speaks very loudly at this time and attaining the central body in the Kushavarta temple gives peace to the soul.

Nagabali Puja

When we complete Narayan Bali, then Nagbali has to start. Narayan and Nagbali are different from each other. But a score is obtained by combining these two. Saunaka Rishi has said this, if one has only Naghatya, then only Nagbali is to be performed. The most suitable day is how is chosen. He is cursed and has no effect. Nagbali is necessary to get the point. This Nagbali has to be done in Trimbakeshwar only. The "Dalbhaya Samhita" clearly states that sesame, barley, wheat, rice are used for making snakes. This snake is kept on a red cloth. The couple doing this method should sit in the east direction. After doing eye-pacification as per Guruji's instruction, one is promised to get authority for this method. The verse is as follows:- "If I am killing a snake in my present sixth birth, then any member of the family is involved in killing the snake, getting rid of the curse and problem and its soul." restored it. Do it."

After the word the snake soul which has been killed and has now entered the nag idol says that I am offering this method, please bless me. After this the snake is installed. The snake is worshipped by reciting the sacred words mentioned above. Then a heap of rice is poured on the leaves of the Butia Fontissa tree and a cotton flame is lit. This process is called "sacrifice". Worship that Bali and say, "Someone from my family has been involved in your murder due to which we are facing problems in our life. We request you to kindly forgive us, accept Bali and give us your Bless a healthy life."