Narayan Nagbali


Narayan Nagbali is a significant ritual performed over three days, typically held at Trimbakeshwar. It aims to liberate the souls of family members who have experienced untimely deaths and seek to alleviate the effects of killing a King Cobra. This ritual comprises two essential components: Narayan Bali and Nagbali.Narayan Bali serves as a means to free individuals from ancestral curses, often referred to as "Pitradosh." Nagbali, on the other hand, is conducted to absolve the guilt associated with killing a snake made from white dosh.

These rituals unfold over the first and second days, with the third day dedicated to Ganesh Pujan and Punya Vachan. This final day also includes Nag Pujan. When the last rites of a person have not been properly conducted, or when Shraddha ceremonies are not carried out, the soul is believed to remain dissatisfied and unable to move forward. Such discontented souls may manifest as various troubles, including issues like infertility, family conflicts, financial difficulties, and health problems among family members.

In cases where these problems persist, despite considerable efforts, the Narayan Nagbali ritual is highly recommended. It serves as a potent spiritual remedy to bring peace to troubled souls and, in turn, to the lives of those affected.