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Kalsarp Shanti Pooja


Kala sarpa Shanti Pooja -Kala sarpa Yog when all the prime plans planets that is sun mercury Venus Marse, Jupiter Saturn and moon are placed between Rahu and Ketu the Kundli (horoscope) is said to have kalasarp Yog this Yog is considered harmful by some astrologers this result is failure and rejection leading to negativity and integrity Complex the kalasarp yog can be formed in any person's horoscope there are various type of these two of these yog viz anata kalasarp yog and kulip kalasarpa yog , Vasuki Kalasarpa yog, Shankpal Kalasarpa yoga, Padma Kala sarpa yoga mahapadma kalasarpa yoga Kala shankachud yoga Kala sarpa yoga patak Kala sarpa yoga Vishdhaar Yog and sheshnay Kalasarpa Yoga

Kala sarpa Yog Shanti Pooja is performed at Trimbakeshwar there are different rituals in this Pooja Tripindi the tripindi means pinddaan of our father of years of previous three generations if anyone in this family from the previous three generation has passed away is very young age or older age then this person causes problems to let the person free one has to perform tripindi Shraddha it is a ceremony of the offering food and water to the soul of the departed and ancestor. it is said that the objective of performing this is to provide a Momentum for onward journey of souls that have not found libration and assist is the souls entrapped and attain Moksha the pitru doshe shown in the the horoscope may be eliminated by performing tripindi Shradha