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Narayanbali And Nagbali At Trimbakeshwar From Authorized Priests

Narayan Nagbali
Narayan Nagbali Both These Formalities Are Performed Naryan Nagabali

1. To receive issues.

2. To remove the troubles of negative energies.

3. If any member of the family dies due to some accident (accident, suicide, drowning in water etc.) and due to that his family remains troubled, then these formalities are completed to get rid of this trouble.

4. To remove the troubles of ghosts, black magic etc.

(1) For prevention: - If no one, especially the son, has any problem, then it is considered inauspicious. People used to avoid seeing the face of such a person early in the morning. Till now there was a feeling among the people that it is always the desire of a married couple that they have at least one male bat. Family life remains incomplete without any problems. Love and affection for children is a natural feeling, if these feelings are not met, then man feels more unhappy than power or economic backwardness. Now in the modern era there are means of "test tube baby". Even though the couple does not spend, but sometimes they get the treatment they need by taking loan and taking money. But when they do not get any positive response from all the modern remedies, they turn to astrologers in despair.

Astrologers can only analyze the reasons for the failure of all medical treatments. After carefully examining the sex organs of both, if it is found that one has no dosha and still no problem, then only the astrologer can answer this question. Always when there is death, some remedy must also be done. Keeping this rule in mind, our ancestors had given remedies in astrology to overcome this problem. First he finds out from the birth certificates of both that there is no possibility of being issued. If yes, then they should try to know the exact reason for not writing the essay.

Wrong Cause Of Death At Wrong Age

• Death before marriage

• Death by drowning in water,

• Death from attack by dangerous animals;

• Somebody killed a small child,

• Death by burning in fire, suicide by poison,

• Death by electric shock,

• Death due to food stuck in the throat while eating,

• Death due to excessive food or alcohol consumption,

• Death abroad,

• Death during the period of Panchak, Tripada or Dakshinayana,

After death due to any of the above reasons, if he has no one of his own who can offer Pind to him. Death due to such wrong reason and at the wrong age is called Durmaran in Indian language. After the death of the person who died due to such causes, problems or troubles arise for the whole family.